We have tons of chemistry

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flames-too-embers asked: marie who decided the french language was ok its too hard can u make it be easy thank you merci je t'aime beaucoup <33

Laura don’t say this you’re already amazingly good in french! Just send me a message this week end if you’re still struggling! (; -xo Passe une belle journée!


talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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Anonymous asked: Who in the hell is this Aria person and why is she giving you so much grief over nothing? Do we need to make her disappear...? Just saying I'm sure we could form a tumblr mafia or something...

Oh my god I have the coolest followers ever.

Aria is my rl friend. I call her Aria on here because she always calls us “team sparia”. Sometimes it’s like our brains function as a team because with a single look we can get what the other means. 

But yeah. I’m almost always feeling like I’m aria’s second choice. And that I need her more than she needs me. I like being there for her, but I’m not sure she’d be there for me if i needed her. Meh.

lurkinginthecorner replied to your post “lurkinginthecorner replied to your post “my day” *big hug* ♥”

Haha, s’il neige pas, oui! J’pense pas qu’ils ouvrent à ce temps-ci de l’année s’il neige… et tu te souviens que l’autre bar laitier à côté de chez nous sert des queues de castor? lol ;-)

jésus marie joseph MC qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour s’y rendre J’veux une banane chocolat ughhhh

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lurkinginthecorner replied to your post “my day”

*big hug*

wtf?? who looks down on people in college??

I didn’t told her i majored in french she would have pushed me down the stairs lol.